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Morning thoughts

कुछ लोग आईना कभी भी ना देखते अगर आईने में चित्र की जगह चरित्र दिखाई देता.... from DGP tweet

June, 5, 2020 -
If you want to straighten every dogs tail, you will be tired. Dog tail will remain the same... Priority is the key.

Oct 4 2017
The seeker seeks everything but collect nothing!

Sept, 18, 2017

Modi ji is bringing benefit to lower class who really needs help. They will make difference. Middle class just change side...when Congress, they dance with Congress, when BJP, they sing BJP songs.

Nowdays everything has been hijacked for money. People are so much brainwashed that... instead of relating people to the cause, they are relating money to the cause. what a loss of char. all short term quick goal...losing human touch

More you own, more you feel secure - biggest illusion given by capitalism, supported by Alcohol.

I only dig deep enough to jump out of it. never too deep to hole myself.

security is a nice gold plated gun sold to you, you own it, you are paying for it... only thing you forget, it is also pointed at you!

Sep, 11, 2017
I was wondering how muslim women were conditioned in their religion and lost natural urge... but looking at capitalism, it is astonishing that people are trapped in need for getting secured... recursive trap.

Sept, 1, 2017
Emotion is what differentiate living vs dead. Otherwise... virus is absolutely fine and secured in their own world.

Do not run for security, Capitalism can not never provide enough security to cover your fears. If you have insurance, there will always be Golden option...and so on.

July, 16, 2017
Life is all about to take whatever it throws you and handle smilingly. - Veer Bhoge Vashundhara.

Krishna character - he fought for the dharma, help the righteous but at the end he had to bear all the brunt. Similar story of Ram in Ramayan - he had to go thru tough life since childhood. Ram Rajya was established at very heavy cost of Ram life.

I am trying to do all physio 24x7 so that I can get back to my regular routine but we can not bypass time, can not fight against time. Definition of time dimension in science is stupid and meaningless. similar to time, there can be so other dimensions which our 5 senses can not perceive. Character has to be built based on valour, patience and faith.

May, 27, 2017
India is a country where traitors thrive even in RW government. how long this can lost? Today Jay Bhim Sena which has been reaping undeserving benefit of reservation is biggest curse for India... combing with Mullas, they are working towards breaking middle class society. Reservation is an unnatural act...no party could go against it, now this unnatural act similar to Ahinsa is eating india internally.... Gandhi gave Ahinsa and Ambedkar gave Reservation.... both unnatural acts, Indian will pay the price for generations to come for both acts...unless people rise above cheap attitude and remove these curse from society.

March, 28, 2017
time travels in circle.

Feb, 28, 2017
Family, Education ans morale - Family went for toss... when hindus started hating joint family. Education - in capitalism...education means capability of talking BS and fooling people. Morale... means... anything fair in love, war and business...what is morale?

Inferiority complex is one of worst disease...next to poverty.

Feb 10 2017Wo deep kaha se laawoo, Diwali kaise manawoo
Wo tasveer kaise banawoo, wo junoon kaha se lawoo
Bharat mata jakadi hai, lohe ki janjeero me
Desh washiyo gum hai, dushman ki tabdeero me
Jis ladaki par geet likha tha, wo naach rahi hai aaptards ke khemo me

Jan 29 2017
Moh (attachment) and Bhay (fear)... go together.
You can not support one wrong cause to tackle another wrong cause.

Dec, 24, 2016 
Leadership is not just making decision and making it work but let your team take decision, back them up and make it happen. My competition is with me....!

Nov, 26, 2016
People who suffer from inferiority and insecurity indulge into apathy.... !

Nov, 17, 2016
I will burn the hell for you!
Life is not absolute - Heisenberg.

Nov, 7, 2016
weak and selfish see whatever is convenient to them while tough ones fight for the cause.

Oct, 22, 2016
Inferior minds find it difficult to accept exceptional talent of few...(even if it is their own people)...habits of few Indians

Oct 21, 2016
size and strength is no sign of skill...same way beauty is no sign of goodness!
Intelligence in Maths is no indication of empathy in life!

Oct, 7, 2016
If you can make people fool with words, why do you need to worry about intention? words are always cheaper to impress dumb ppl.

Sept 15 2016
success makes a dumb person arrogant while same success makes intelligent person humble! Event/outcome may remain same but impacts differs!

You can not make a fish fly. Learn to give-up once a while. 

you do not need words when you have heart, just use it. 

Sept, 14, 2016
Smell of money changes people attitude!

Be wary of people who care about the fluctuation of stock market graph more than hunger and pain of a farmer!

July 27, 2016
APJ Abdul Kalam did not marry because he had to support his parents and sister marriage. How will a capitalist explain this? 
Quality was backbone of theoretical capitalism. today it has been reduce to greed and exploitation.

July 18, 2016
Defy time and define new path in uncharted territory
Life is constant struggle between heart and mind... Be a Maverick, chose heart. 
There is no price for heart, keep it for yourself.  Love yourself and try to reach perfection, others will follow. 
Eureka (resonance) happens when heart is in sync with mind. 
Nobody knows you better than you, defy the measurement parameters defined by others.
Life is a journey, not a competition. Define new heights and try to live it!
Time changes but not your heart. Basic character of living bearing never changes but moves to new perfection.

Follow Gita, not Gandhi. Work (which your heart loves) is worship. 
Your heart is mirror to your life. 
Life is your, so why not the rules. 
Follow your heart, life will flow in you! 

July 14, 2016
hypocrisy is humanity worst enemy 

June, 12, 2016
Government gave you cheap beer, pizza and free internet porn so that they can rob you out of your brain. 

how do we keep together?
Unless we march together, we die. 
Capitalism - Basis of current world economy - Based on greed but promoted as quality, what an irony. 

zero tolerance against proven traitors - when you are strong and you let traitors go, you are digging your own grave. - watching game of throne 

you can always look into a traitor eyes and tell he is a traitor.
looks like an easy job?
depends upon traitors power 

Riots, arson, mass murder, crime against women and kids rampant in world and many people stay away saying these are politics. such extreme social cause termed as politics for sake of convenience as long as it does not affect them.

Be grateful that people thinks you of some worth hence expectation. It is ok if you can not full-fill all expectations, they can not be. But respect people feeling. Nobody expects from crooked character or beggars. at same time, people who expects something from you, will walk twice the miles you can do. It is not about gain in expectation but respect. Remember Earn it - dialogue in movie Saving Private Ryan. Try to earn the right (of expectation) which people give you for free in advance.

30 Dec, 2015

You just do not pay for your mistake but for others also. World is not isolated place but connected across. Every action reverberates around and impacts others. Active participation in world is badly needed. 

One of the reason for rampant crimes against women - they can be tricked easily with flattery. Words speak louder than action for some.

Self peace, smile or lighting candle does not bring peace. Peace lies in right action to change the world not to adapt to world.

22 Dec, 2015
How the fabric of society is broken? Corporate world will divide further and further… more nuclear family and corner people, so that they can be exploited.

Since when beauty is associated with good?
Quest for reality is beauty! Not the appearance!!! 

Best thing I like about you… you force me to think…and that’s improvement. It is not a change.

Having heart is chronic disease, not easy to get rid of easily!  

Nobody is born intelligent enough to own somebody else and nobody is born dumb enough to go sleep hungry stomach.

Nafarat mujhase hai, mere bicharo se to nahi!

18 Dec 2015
In order to work with people, we have to dilute ourselves.
Lekin agar khud ko dilute karke kaam karana rahata to tumame aur doosaro me fark kya rah jata.
Tumhe bhawaan bana diya…kahi usaki saja to nahi hai?

Tumhe yaad karata hoon to bahut kuchh likhata hoon
Tum itani buri hoto… ye inspiration kaha se aata hai?

Ye inspiration to bura nahi ho sakta.

17 Dec 2015
Rotting is a change but does not qualify in category of change you look forward in your life. Same goes for corruption in morality and attitude. Be aware of change you refer.

15 Dec 2015

Fear cannot control curiosity. That's what differentiate life vs death.

Laughing is good, making others laugh is even better!

If somebody else happiness is your business and you are in love with it, expand your domain beyond 2 counts.

******* Poetry ***********

These Starry Eyes
When its moment of close and tense,
All the views are blocked with fence
Mind is full of the rusty sense,
Nothing is clear, only cloudy and dense...
Then she throws her little light,
Coming through the shore of starry eyes
Putting me back again for the fight
Against the odd, and the devil.
When things are cleared and back to right,
Then I sit and think of...Might
What was there in those starry sights?
Who differentiated wrong and right?
Revealing the path to where my existence lies,
Making me wonder…
Why I love ... these beautiful eyes.

Among the glitter of the world,
Far from the shore of the realm,
When I cannot understand,
The dark and ruthless numb,
I fear not the consequence but rusty of my mind sense,
My heart stops beating and I am left in dark and dense.

She, God and Illusion
Day or night,
She was never out of sight.
That illogical conclusion,
Made me to believe in God and illusion.

Do not fight back anymore! 
I killed you sometime for career
I left you to wild animals for society (marriage)
I left you for religion and caste
I killed you for figure
I killed to hide my shame
I abandoned you for gender
Why do you still call me mother?
I hated you all times
How could you love me so much….
Do not try anymore…
This world has drugged me to death
I am living example of your loss
I can never inspire,
Accept it and do not fight back any more!