Main Characters

Main Characters 
Richita – She is combination of beauty and brain. She comes from an upper middle class. Her
father, Dr. Deen Dayal, is a professor in Lucknow University and is in very powerful position in
state politics. Father had seen early struggle in life (loss of son – due to lack of money-medical
care). He is very protective of Richita. Mother (homely and religious nature) shapes the character
of Richita (similar to Jijabai-Shivaji relation). Richita – a smart and beautiful girl – tries to follow
family and society norms till end when she cannot ignore her own consent.

Rahul – Son of an Air-force fighter pilot officer, who lost his life in Kashmir in 1990 when Rahul
was still in school. Rahul is very smart, sharp but highly emotional character. He goes with what
his heart, believes in instant action. Genius in mind, socialist by heart, rebel against anything
wrong in society.

Neerav – Comes from a wealthy businessman family. He knows what is right/wrong but flows
with current flow in life. He follows predefined path, focuses on career and success. He is capitalist
in believe. Rahul is his best friend. Neerav enjoys life to full extent, is not an emotional character,
knows where real talent lies in society and corporate world.

Realistic story based on realistic international events – 1998 thru 2008
- Campus academic life
- Middle class family conflicts – Decision based on security vs interest, generation conflicts
- Silicon Valley VS Wall Street in US – Entrepreneurship (Creator) VS Wall Street (Deal Maker)
- Glamorous life, Quality time concept
- USA and India corporate world life
- USA Wall street life, Multi Billionaire IPO, Internet Boom Burst, Wireless and Security business
- India social-political reform movement (RTI) – Entry of young and self-made Billionaires in politics