Major excerpts and Quotes from the book

Major excerpts and Quotes from the book –

When she walks down the ramp - she puts the stage on fire!
“Beauty is illusion and sex is reality, but they are the same event,” Pulash added further.
“Beauty lies in one’s heart and sex lies in one mind. It all depends on where your belief lies.”
“We prefer mind games,” they shouted in unison.

Same event different perspectives

Ignoring somebody’s mistakes in life from a powerful position makes you a saint, but the same act (whose intention does not matter), if carried out from a weak position, will make you a coward or helpless.

You do no fall in LOVE, you always RISE 
“Ok, I need to leave now. Can you please stop sketching me, if you do not mind?” She was serious.
“No…” I burped suddenly, without any control. She stared at me for a moment without saying anything and turned around without saying a word.
“Maybe I won’t chase you to hand them over, but I will keep on sketching you.” I smiled to
lighten the moment.

“As student and research staff – we have a busy schedule. Many of us have MBA entrance exams, job interviews and application for MS/PhD? Where is your priority?” Another question came from a group of students standing on the left the side of the hall. I could hear a murmur around the corners. The question of accuracy was not good enough; we were confused about priority as well.
“Thank you Sir for asking this. Let me ask you a very simple question…” I paused for a moment. My voice pitch rose. “If a girl gets shot in front of your eyes, will you leave her to bleed to death and go to write your exam peacefully, or will you run and take her to a hospital?” There was absolutely pin drop silence in the hall. “Where does your priority lay in this case?” A big applause followed after an eerie silence. I continued. “Do we still have questions on priority? My friends – This country is bleeding. Now it’s your call whether you want to act or just worry about the exam?”

Everything does not have price - 
“You did not even ask its price and gave her whatever you had.” Richita said, surprised.
Aisi cheezon ke daam nahi poonchhate (You don’t ask the price for such things).”

“Wait; let me clear the extra smudge.” I said to her while trying to shape it into a perfect dot.
“What are you doing?” she was little uncomfortable.
“Just removing the extra powder, see how beautiful it looks?”
“You should not apply the tilak before marriage to any girl.”
“Ok, then let us get married.” I said, without thinking and then held my breath for a second.

“I know her for the last three years. I know her type. You’ve just known her since last year.”
“You’ve known her? For three years? You are a damn fool who won’t know her even over 100
years, forget 3 years….”

Beauty of present
“Look at this site - it is beautiful and deep. When we come here, we get ourselves lost in its
beauty and vastness. Years of sorrow and pain lies in the depth of this lake. You know what was
here 40-50 years back? Probably, a ditch full of stagnant water and mud breeding mosquitoes.
Now here we have beautiful lake surrounded by lush green bushes and beautiful flowers. The
place is beautiful today, so we come and enjoy its company, its presence. We do not think about
its past or we do not to know what will happen here years later. We enjoy the beauty of its

God, Politician and Me
“I enjoyed the time I spent with you. People like you do not come daily. You two are very natural. God bless you both. Many people come here for a solution. But they neither believe in God nor in me. They just try everything, and whatever clicks, they believe in that for a while till their need changes. God, Politicians and me, are all are the same for them. I charge them enough to spend some time with kids like you. I enjoyed my time. Thanks for coming.” We were speechless. You cannot argue after that. He asked his driver to drop us to the hostel.

“Needs are stronger than liking.” With that, the decision was almost sealed and he left the room.

“I have heard that a girl’s charm is 50% illusion. What do you have to say about this?” he
asked, looking at me.
“What should I say?”
“I mean, do you believe it to be true or not?”
“What do you believe?”
“I believe that it is true.”
“OK, then it’s true.”
“Huh?” He was surprised at my answer. “What will make it 100%?”
“Your belief.” Another short reply.

Sekhar joined us after five minutes.
“Can I have the pleasure of your company sir?” Sekhar mocked me as we were meeting after a
“Canteen is yours man, pull any vacant chair.”
“Canteen and chair are fine, but company is yours dear, to get your company, we need
“Sekhar, you too…”

“Do not ridicule my effort. Everybody likes a comedian’s company. That’s why they give them
tips after watching the show, not their hard earned money for a mutual fund investment. Give
him tips, not your heart. I guess you understand the difference.”

“How will you pay for so many things? What will the monthly payment be?”
“Credit,” came the short answer.
“America runs on credit darling. Why do you worry, our credit will take care of this payment. It
is not saving or cash in hand that matters. We do not need cash, we just need potential. The
system in the US believes in potential. That is the model of the future. You need not be born rich,
but you should be in the league that can make it big.”

“I am talking about me, not any girl. Listen, open the door of this project for me as a lead, you
won’t have to dream anymore. I know what you have been dreaming.”

“As a lead? You cannot even be considered as a team member. People are dying for this project.” 

“People are dying for this project, but what are you dying for? You want what you have been dreaming for months?” she teased.

Making of Studs 
“You know what do we call a stud in engineering?”
“Stud? No.”
“Screwed from both sides. Turn over baby.”

Celebration and Joy
“Robots do not celebrate anything. Celebration is an expression of joy, which cannot be
mechanized.” She was bored of her mother’s instructions.

Sync with Time
“What about young age? You will be miserable all through your 15 years to reach that goal of
$10 million. After 50 years, even if you pay a million to get back a week of your time at 35, you
will never get that. Your beer will taste very different when you are at 50 from how it tasted at
30,” Richita argued.

Defining - Quality Time 
Jindagi bhar gadhe ki tarah slog marane se aur kuchh din rich Arab Shaikh ki tarah paisa
bahane se quality of life change nahi ho jaati. We only remember one week of good time, but
never go back to what we scarified for that one week?”

The Odd ones 
“Forget about them. They are like that. They cannot even treat themselves well. They do not
understand simplicity, how can you expect them to respect you. You are on an island surrounded
by crazy 99 and you are the odd one, obviously those 99 will think you are the crazy one. I am
not surprised by their behaviour. ”
Shankar was looking at her speechless. She had never looked more beautiful than she was
looking today.

“You kill your consciousness daily. You are buying good food for your consciousness, am I
“You are right to a certain extent, but I cannot live without food, whereas I can live without your
consciousness.” Neerav said jokingly.
“My consciousness? Are you sure?”
Neerav shook his head in negative.

There are always other side 
“You seem to know your subject, so why the poor score? Can you explain why you are at 7.8
“7.8 is not easy, you do not believe me, ask any 6 pointers or 7 pointers.”

“Talking is not easy. Talking intends to convey what you mean. Lying is easy, not talking. When
one lies, one does not care, and that’s the easy part.”

Problem with solution 
“I can fight with a real problem. But I cannot solve the ignorance. I cannot solve the illusion of
your mind. You have gone crazy, you have gone crazy.”
“Yeah, I am crazy. Ok. May be I am. But I prefer to be crazy than being a dummy… and you do
not have any right to remove my existence, I will never accept…” She was looking at Raghu and
looked very agitated.

A girl with Millions dollar heart 
“I am not a vulture. If I did not withdraw the case, that poor girl would be in jail for months. I am
buying her freedom from prison and her family, a better future from your million dollar
settlement. Sorry. Go and talk to your bloody lawyer. Marry somebody else, cause an accident
and file a lawsuit. Get the hell out of here.”

The Craze for Making Millions
“You want to make millions, look at this...” Neerav suddenly grabbed their attention and pointed
to the TV. “You cannot earn $10 million. Nobody earns millions. You can rob, you can steal, or
you can make $10 million in an IPO, but never earn so much. So just forget all this saving and
consulting bullshit. Just look at this.”

Robber vs Businessman vs Tycoon 
“Do not get bogged down in right or wrong and quantitative evaluation. Look at what pertains to
today. How do you define who is the robber, who is the businessman and who is the tycoon?
Consider these examples. In the first case, a robber robs one person for a $1000, so the total of
$1000 increases in value in a very crude way. In the second case, a business man employs 1000
workers and extracts $100 from each worker and makes $100K. In the third case, a business
tycoon reaches millions of people and steals a dollar from each and makes millions, he is the
tycoon.” She paused for a moment.
“If you rob too much from one person, it becomes murder. If you steal little by little, it looks like
business. Just find a way to refine it. The Internet has made it possible to connect to the whole
world via one platform. Steal a penny from each person, call it service charge and you will be a
millionaire. The volume makes a difference.”

Everything is personal
“Do not make this personal,” S Mathur said.
“Everything in life is personal first. An honest officer resigns from his job, when he cannot take
the corruption any longer. A worker gets angry and slaps his boss, when he unfairly receives a
pink slip. It is very easy to sweep dirt under the carpet in the name of professionalism. They
made an attempt on my life, when will it become personal? After my death?” Rahul was visibly

God's lonenly man
She could afford anything, she could give anything, but she could not share a moment of her life with anybody. She was a beautiful and a glamorous diamond with an astronomical price tag, but to a crude
reality — she was still a stone, a living stone. Nothing else but a stone in an aesthetic sense.

Ruthless Poltician will not stop at anything
“There are two powers in this world which cannot be matched. Beauty and Youth. Buy the
beauty and imprison the youth. Give the best models, actress, and girls from town and nail them.
I do not care how much it costs.”